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In September 2003, the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC) organized its first International Summer Academy on Human Rights and Human Security with a special focus on South Eastern Europe. The idea of a Summer Academy focusing on Human Security was born from the ETC´s work and commitment during the Austrian Chairmanship of the Human Security Network (HSN).

The various dimensions of the relationship between human security and human rights were presented and thoroughly discussed and investigated in lectures and workshops by lecturers and participants. The intensive discussion on the human security topic continued online after the end of the Summer Academy and the idea of a joint project in the area of human security as a follow-up evolved. We finally agreed to found an online journal on human security - the HUMAN SECURITY PERSPECTIVES Journal.

Why an online journal? Well, what we wanted was a forum to which we all can contribute with our personal experiences and views and to keep up the discussion on human security. The journal wishes to enhance the concept of human security by contributing to the development of the global human security agenda and by providing an active forum for exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and information, and opening a floor to discussions.

From 2006 to 2008 ETC Graz implemented the research project HUMSEC – Human Security in the Western Balkan region: the impact of transnational terrorist and criminal organisations on the peace-building process of the region, a coordination action under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission. The editions 3 to 6 of the HSP were published in the HUMSEC framework in the years 2007 to 2009.

Presenting the 2010 edition of the HUMAN SECURITY PERSPECTIVES Journal we returned to the original format. By reorganizing the HSP website we hope to make the past editions more easily accessible.

The latest edition available is ISSUE 1/2014, focusing on the human rights and human security challenges of an African spring.


The Editorial Committee
Graz, January 2014