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If asked what "human rights" mean to them the first things that come to the mind of many people are terms such as "torture" or "death penalty". Both are abolished in Austria, everything is o.k. here so why should an Austrian-based human rights centre deal with them? Human rights learning? We don't need that ... Do we?

Human rights education means learning ABOUT human rights FOR human rights, with the goal to establish a culture of human rights at all levels. Eleanor Roosevelt already knew about it: "Human rights always begin at your doorstep..."

Therefore, human rights learning means to deal with WHAT do we learn, WHY do we learn and HOW do we learn human rights. It means to deal with the legal basis, the personal attitudes and the skills everyone should command of to protect and implement human rights. All three are indispensable for human rights education, and they complement each other. It's not enough to concentrate on only one area: The one who just refines her/his own attitudes might end up in frustration because s/he lacks knowledge and instruments of human rights protection. If - on the other hand - attitudes are neglected in the education and learning process we could end up producing well-trained human rights violators.

Human rights are for all! They concern all of us - we all have human rights just because we are all human beings. They concern some people more because their professional positions obligate them to respect and protect human rights.

Accordingly, we have organised our human rights education offers: On the one hand you can find HUMAN RIGHTS LEARNING FOR ALL, encompassing all events that are open for the public - the rights-holders - without any preconditions. On the other hand we offer PROFESSIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS TRAINING for duty-bearers and multiplyers. For those who would like to deepen their knowledge even more the university of Graz has established some new courses that we present, together with the traditional international programmes, under the title STUDY HUMAN RIGHTS.

At the end of the menu our newly arranged offers include service information, campaigns, human rights educators, networks, a human rights calendar and a POOL OF MATERIALS.


We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

The ETC human rights education team