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Understanding Human Rights. Manual on Human Rights Education

We are happy to present the long-awaited third English edition of our manual on human rights education, UNDERSTANDING HUMAN RIGHTS.

Being completely revised and updated in 2012 the manual was also extended by three new modules on the right to asylum, minority rights and the right to privacy. Starting from now on the new manual is available on-line and in your favourite bookshop.

On this page you will find the full text of the manual as well as the separate modules as pdf-files.

Enjoy reading and studying human rights and please do not hesitate to give us your feedback on the manual and the supporting material. we look forward to read your opinion, your thoughts and remarks which you can submit here.

The brochure SPREADING THE WORD / REPANDRE LA PAROLE, elaborated on behalf of the Ministry for European and International Affairs in cooperation with our partners worldwide, will give you an impression of where the Manual Understanding Human Rights has been used and still is being used in human rights education worldwide. Besides examples for human rights education based on the manual in Africa, Asia, Europa, South America and the Arab World short abstracts inform about the basic principles of human rights education upon which the manual is based.


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In 2002, the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs commisioned the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy - ETC Graz with the elaboration of a manual on human rights education to be presented at the Austrian presidency of the Human Security Network in 2003. In 2012, the network has disappeared from the world wide web but the manual is still "alive" and still growing: With different partners in many countries we managed to produce fifteen language version from A(lbanian) to V(ietnamese). Twelve translations are not anly available as books but also for free download at the ETC website and the websites of our partners

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. The manual has become a basic text for human rights education and training in different countries, on different levels and for different audiences, from university lectures in China to NGO training in Mali to police training in Kosovo/a. Upcoming editions include the long-awaited Italian version and also the third, completely revised and extended English edition.





The project Human Rights Education based on the Manual "Understanding Human Rights" III including the 3rd edition of the manual was financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation.


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