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TISCA study visit to Austria: reception by the Mayor of Graz

Developing Local Capacities for Inclusive and Sustainable Cities in the Arab Region


The project TISCA – Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Cities in the Arab Region was started by the ETC in cooperation with UNESCO, the UNESCO field-office Cairo, the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR). The project seeks to develop local capacities for inclusive and sustainable cities in the Arab region.

An inception meeting in Tunis, Tunisia was followed by a needs-assessment meeting in Cairo, Egypt. In late 2017, a delegation of several high-level local and municipal representatives from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan and Mauritania came to Austria on a study visit. The ten delegates are part of the Coalition of Arab Cities against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Intolerance and visited the cities of Salzburg, Graz, and Vienna. During the trip, valuable practices on inclusive urban development were exchanged and methods of implementation discussed. The participants also had the opportunity to meet with President of the Provincial Parliament Bettina Vollath, Mayor of Graz Siegfried Nagl, and head of the Vienna municipal human rights department, Ms. Shams Asadi, among others.


TISCA Inception Meeting in Tunis

3 - 5 April 2017, at the Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunis, Tunisia

Representatives of local governments, national human rights institutions, and civil society in the Arab region gathered in Tunis during the meeting entitled “Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Cities in the Arab Region: A Human Rights Approach”. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and its International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR) organized the meeting, in cooperation with the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights (ETC Graz) and the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR).

The meeting aimed to assist local governments to achieve inclusive and sustainable cities in the region in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (notably Sustainable Development Goal 11) and the New Urban Agenda.

Please find here the meeting report in English and Arabic.

TISCA Meeting in Cairo

26 - 29 September 2017, meeting on capacity building and needs assessment in the Arab Region (Klaus Starl, Simone Philipp) in Cairo, Egypt

The UNESCO Social and Human Sciences (SHS) Sector with the ETC Graz and the UNESCO Cairo field office as partners with support of the Arab Institute of Human Rights as well as the UNESCO field offices in Rabat and Beirut launched the project Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Cities in the Arab Region. The inception meeting took place in Tunis on April 4 and 5, 2017. 24 participants from 17 cities discussed the road-map for implementation in the upcoming two years. In the frame of this inception meeting, a re-launch of the Arab Coalition of Cities against Racism and Discrimination could be facilitated as well. A series of capacity-building workshops, the set-up of an information exchange platform and a network for mutual exchange and support among cities in the region have been agreed upon.

The workshop series could be started in Cairo on September 27 and 28, organized by UNESCO Cairo and implemented again in partnership with the ETC Graz and UNESCO SHS Paris. The workshop was held interactively, where participants from 12 cities in 6 Arab countries exchanged their views on city planning, municipal service provision, procurement and other core municipal functions with the focus of Leave No One Behind as set out in the New Urban Agenda. Among the results of this workshop, participants stressed two key topics as being urgently addressed by the project, namely irregular settlements with all their human rights consequences in education, health, housing, particularly for women and children, and transparency, access to information of citizens and their participation in municipal decision-making.


TISCA Study Trip to Austria

11 - 15 December 2017, study visit of Arab cities’ delegation to Graz, Vienna and Salzburg, Austria

UNESCO field office Cairo and ETC Graz organized a study visit to Austria for a delegation from selected Arab cities members of the Coalition of Arab Cities against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Intolerance. Ten delegates, council members and high-level civil servants, from eight cities (Byblos, Sidon, Essouira, Marrakech, Amman, Alexandria, Nouakchott and Tangier) and five countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Mauretania, Morocco and Jordan) visited Austria in the week from 10 December to 16 December. The delegation visited the cities Salzburg, Graz and Vienna.

The study visit aimed to provide a unique opportunity for exchange among cities of the Arab Coalition and selected Austrian cities on approaches, challenges and opportunities, as well as promising practices in promoting inclusion in specific urban settings and to discuss concrete proposals for collaboration between Arab Coalition members, UNESCO and ETC-Graz.

Please find here the study visit report in English.