(Foto: HS Focus Group)

Human Security in the Information Society: Regulating Risks - Empowering People

16. März 2012 | 8.00 - 19.00 | SZ 15.21, RESOWI A2, Universitätsstraße 15


Wolfgang Benedek, University | ETC Graz

Wolfgang Slany, Technical University of Graz

Ernst M. Felberbauer, National Defence Academy

Jörg Leichtfried, Member of the European Parliament


5th Graz Workshop on the Future of Security

The fifth workshop in a series of academic events dedicated to furthering our understanding of today’s and tomorrow’s security challenges unites two of our central areas of research: Human Security and Internet Governance. The interdisciplinary workshop seeks to investigate security challenges of regulating (and not regulating) new and emerging information and communication technologies (ICTs).




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