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The European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC) wishes to enhance the concept of human security by:

  • Contributing to the further development of the global human security agenda and policy making activities through research and training capacities.
  • Contributing to the development of a (still missing) European perspective on human security in co-operation with European partners and identify specifically European issues and solutions.
  • Developing an increased Austrian capacity in human security and strengthening Austria’s contribution to the Human Security Network.
  • Strengthening the relevance of the local level for the conceptualization and implementation of human security.
  • Setting up a strategic alliance with international organizations, especially within the UN system, to address the issue of human security on a sustain basis.
  • Examining the role of human rights, as well as that of democracy, the rule of law, and governance building for the concept of human security.
  • Within the framework of human security, making human rights education and learning a broad-based, long-term, and pro-active strategy to impart human beings - regardless of age - human rights knowledge and practices, make them sensitive for dignity and mutual respect, and empower them to disseminate the ideas of human rights.
  • Contributing to the establishment of human security in post-conflict situations drawing from our experiences with the role of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in post-conflict situations of South East Europe.